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Our integrated antibody production platform

The Smart Integrated Manufacturing platform for Antibodies (simAbs) is set up for the future and is based on continuous bioprocessing. Currently, monoclonal antibody manufacturing relies on large-scale, fed-batch bioreactors and batch purification.

Our platform has several advantages which directly translate into speed and cost efficiency, as well as a high-quality product for our customers:

  • Continuous bioprocessing with steady-state operation
  • Significantly reduced manufacturing cleanroom footprint
  • Hyper-productive for prolonged periods (ability to run up to 60 days)
  • Simple scale-out by adding parallel production units
  • Flexible quantities and molecule complexity (e.g. bispecifics, Fabs)

See how it works

Modern lab workstation in white and grey with various boxy machines on the benchtop

Constantly evolving

simAbs is able to produce a wide range of biopharmaceutical volumes, but our specialty is small volumes. This is part of our mission: to support the development of affordable therapeutic biologics. To accomplish this, we strive to continuously improve in three key areas:

1. Integration

The simAbs platform combines multiple unit operations in one continuous bioprocess

2. Intensification

  • Increase production efficiency: 
    with our high-yield, high-quality cell line
  • Reduce cleanroom footprint: 
    one platform can replace multiple pieces of equipment

3. Intelligence

Inline quality controls ensure that your product is of a consistently high standard:

  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) / QbD
  • Digital twin
  • Model-based predictive control

Application note 1:
Applying the MCSGP technique to separate bispecific antibodies: a case study – Gert Struys, Thomas Geuens and Koen Dierckx | Download App Note

Application note 2:
Continuous manufacturing outperforms traditional fed batch cultures – Thomas Geuens and Koen Dierckx | Download App Note

Application note 3:
Label-free protein quantification in bioproduction samples | Download App Note

Application note 4:
The simAbs continuous production platform ensures high product quality and biological activity of biotherapeutics  – Thomas Geuens, Elien Wouters, Shahbaz Bashir, Gert Struys, An Van Nuland and Koen Dierckx | Download App Note

Application note 5:
Improving the quality of a therapeutic antibody by continuous manufacturing – Thomas Geuens, Elien Wouters, Shahbaz Bashir, An Van Nuland and Koen Dierckx | Download App Note

Benefits of working with simAbs technology

High Speed

  • Hours vs. days – fast turnaround times & scale out
  • Development tuning
  • No upscaling delays
  • Productivity +80% (gram/L/hour)

Lower Cost of Goods

  • Reduced by 40%
  • Lower footprint → CAPEX to OPEX
  • Combined high yield & purity
  • 90% less chromatography resin
  • 55% less water consumption

High Quality

  • Continuous steady state bioreactor
  • Faster batch release (inline QC)
  • Automated


  • Monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, Fab fragments
  • Multipurpose design
  • Ease of use: cells in, antibodies out
  • Can be used at point of care

Located in the buildings of
BioVille | Agoralaan Abis | 3590 Diepenbeek | Belgium
BioVille is located at the University of Hasselt campus in Diepenbeek, Belgium.

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