Our integrated platform

Our Smart Integrated Manufacturing platform for Antibodies is set up for the future and is based on continuous bioprocessing. The current standard in manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies is still based on large scale fed batch bioreactors and batch purification.

SIMABS continuous platform has the advantage to reduce the cleanroom footprint of the manufacturing facility significantly. Our perfusion cell culture is also set up to be hyperproductive for a long time. This translates directly into speed and cost efficiency for our customers.

With our platform we are also flexible in the amounts to produce and the complexity of molecules (e.g. bispecifics,Fabs,…). We scale up by number of equipments and parallel production units.

Our development efforts continuously focus on improving three item:

  1. Integration
  2. Intensification
  3. Intelligence

By focussing on these three pillars, SIMABS wants to make a difference by making smaller biopharmaceutical amounts and personalized medicine more affordable.


Under construction.


Be a center of excellence for the cost-effective  biomanufacturing of monoclonal antibodies. Make batches smaller to enable biopharmaceuticals to become personalized medicine. Help governments get their healthcare budget under control and motivate pharmaceutical companies to find more innovative products.


Develop a continuous and closed manufacturing platform to produce biopharmaceuticals. Support biopharmaceutical companies in the development and manufacturing of cost effective therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. Set a new standard in biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology that enables personalized medicine to become a reality.


  1. KISS: Keep It Simple & Smart
  2. Innovate the process
  3. Enjoy the flow